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A game where one partner must trust the other to guide him or her through a maze of mines. A great ice-breaker and team building exercise! Equipment can be very random, from large items such as chairs to small items like bean bags, whatever you have!
A fast-paced relay game. All you need are about 2 bean bags per participant and four hoops.
A great game that involves teamwork, throwing dodge-balls and a big yoga ball!
An organized tag game which requires the use of large gym mats for the children to hide behind.
A quick warm up relay race!
A fun and competitive relay race between two teams. A dodge-ball, two hoops and 24 bean bags are needed.
A tag game played with a partner, no equipment needed.
It's your team Vs their team. Get the ball off of their side of the parachute and keep it from falling off of yours.
Fun relay game based off an Australian school yard game.
A variation of skipping. Improves jumping and coordination! All you need is a large piece of elastic material. (See thumbnail and video)