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Setting the kids up for the stars and hearts activity. Yellow and red construction paper and 2 paperclips for each child is all that is needed.
A very simple activity that works on broad jump and running long jump. All you need is some painter's tape to put some distance markers on the floor
A neat cool down game where one child, "the guesser" must pay very close attention to the rest of the group. No equipment needed.
A fun warm up or cool down game which focuses on team work. All the equipment needed is a large tarp, mat, or blanker for each team.
Create your own hop scotch with hoops!
This is a fun dodgeball game to get children running at top speed, while avoiding the cannon balls coming their way!
A co-operative teamwork activity. No equipment needed, just grab hand with someone in the circle (not someone next to you) and try to undo the knot. This activity works great as an ice-breaker for new groups!
Great warm-up or cool-down game to practice tracking, throwing, and catching.
An fun twist on the traditional game Kick the Can with an added element of dodgeball.
A great balancing activity, the equipment is homemade too!