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A fun activity where you make the parachute fly
A great cool-down game that works to improve coordination and listening skills. no equipment need for this one!
A co-operative teamwork activity. No equipment needed, just grab hand with someone in the circle (not someone next to you) and try to undo the knot. This activity works great as an ice-breaker for new groups!
A fun strategy game that practices many different skills!
A great game that requires a team to cooperate and move as one unit. Cooperation bands, a Pilates ball and some mats for nets are needed.
Great game for coordination and balance.
A fast-paced relay game. All you need are about 2 bean bags per participant and four hoops.
Great way to learn letters while keeping your kids moving!
An organized tag game which requires the use of large gym mats for the children to hide behind.
An easy game of commands. Good to warm up or cool down a large group.