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Simple multi-skill activity to get children moving!
Sharks and lifeguards is a great parachute game!
A creative spin on relay races!
A fun Keep away game with a twist. Poly spots and a ball are the only equipment needed.
A simple activity to develop tracking, catching and throwing skills. All you need is some bean bags or balls and a bucket.
A great cool down game. This activity incorporates stretching and bringing down heart rates by growing like a tree! No equipment needed.
Fun game to get kids practicing catching!
A great game to get children up and moving at top speed while also being creative.
It's your team Vs their team. Get the ball off of their side of the parachute and keep it from falling off of yours.
Setting the kids up for the stars and hearts activity. Yellow and red construction paper and 2 paperclips for each child is all that is needed.