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A very simple activity that works on broad jump and running long jump. All you need is some painter's tape to put some distance markers on the floor
A fun and competitive relay race between two teams. A dodge-ball, two hoops and 24 bean bags are needed.
A very simple but effective way to practice under and overhand throwing. Bean bags, bucket or hoops is all you need.
Setting the kids up for the stars and hearts activity. Yellow and red construction paper and 2 paperclips for each child is all that is needed.
Ring toss with pool noodles, easy to make and super fun too!
Simple multi-skill activity to get children moving!
A game that tests strength, agility and balance. Great for a cool-down activity. Equipment should be soft and large, similar to a backpack or even a blue gym mat if you have access to one.
A creative spin on relay races!
A warm-up game that requires no equipment.
A fun competitive game, all you need is pool noodles and balloons.