Please find below a collection of links to some fantastic partners and resources to help you teach kids and their adult leaders the fundamentals of movement that make kids confident and competent in sport, recreation, and life.  

Sport Manitoba

Sport Manitoba

Sport Manitoba teamed up with Doctors Manitoba to create our newest program -
Fit Kids Healthy Kids. 

Our main goal is to help children learn the fundamentals of movement that make kids confident and competent in life and sport.

We also focus on developing leaders and teaching adults about the importance of physical literacy. 

We are thrilled about this partnership and program!  We hope you enjoy it. 

Doctors Manitoba

Doctors Manitoba

Doctors Manitoba joined forces with Sport Manitoba in 2013 to launch the Fit Kids Healthy Kids Initiative. Both partners saw the need to promote Physical Literacy as a means to combat health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle such as Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity. Doctors Manitoba has been generously supporting Fit Kids Healthy Kids financially since its inception. 

Click here to visit the Doctors Manitoba website.



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We have lots of great Apps to share with you.  Please stay tuned as we get all our great resources posted to our website.  



We have a collection of resources, lesson plans and event ideas we'd like to share with you.   
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