7 min Kid App

7 Minute Workout for Kids

  • Cartoon based, 7 Minute workouts for kids
Down Dog App

Down Down

  • Build a yoga workout you love
jump jump froggy

Jump Jump Froggy

  • Get a jump start on physical activity with Flip the Frog and his friends
 wuf shanti app

Wuf Shanti Yoga Fun Machine

  • Yoga app with Wuf Shanti the Dog created by kids, for kids
 Fitness RPG App

 Fitness RPG

  • The more physical activity you do, the stronger your team of heroes becomes
 Wokamon App


  • Every step you take is used to feed, grow and collect Wokamons
 Walkr App


  • Combines your phone's pedometer with a fun galaxy adventure game
 Super Stretch Yoga App

 Super Stretch Yoga

  • Fun, interactive yoga app created for kids to be used by the whole family
 Go Noodle App


  • Dance-alongs, yoga videos and other fun ways to move
 Sworkit App


  • Turn fitness into a game for your kids with these customizable workouts