The Tale of a Tree Warm Up

Game Description: 
Great warm up game for young children!
Follow the directions to find out what is happening with the little seed.
Game Rules: 
Tell the children that they are little seeds and they must make themselves really small. Tell the children that the sun is coming up and they can grow big and tall into trees. Have the children reach up on the tippy toes and use their arms to make tall branches. Next, tell the children you are the lumberjack and you are going to cut all the trees down. Go around and "chop" the trees (children) down. They will lie down. Next, the trees will be loaded onto the railway. This is done by dragging the children onto the train. Tell the children that the trees are logs now and they must stay really still while being moved. The kids will laugh like crazy at this point!
Saftey Considerations: 
If you are worried about your children squirming while being moved onto the railway tracks tell them to roll around like logs instead. Just make sure they have enough space in between them/
Progression (optional): 
Once the trees are cut to the ground, try having the children log roll.
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2 to 3 years
4 to 6 years
Type of Activity: 
Warm up/Cool down
Space Needed: 
Large Space (Gym, Multipurpose Room, Playroom)
Medium Space (Classroom, Empty Room)
Small Space (Hall, Furnished Room)
Field / Park
Equipment Needed: 
How Many Leaders are Needed: 
2 Leaders
3 - 4 Leaders
How Big of a Group is Needed: 
One person
Small group (3-5 kids)
Medium group (6 - 15 kids)
Large group (16+ kids)
Types of Skills Practiced: